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12 Days of Shao-Lin Holiday Specials
*** New Students Try for TWO WEEKS FREE! ***

  • This is something I can enjoy with my 16 year old son
  • Improved overall quality of life
  • Stress-relief
  • Self-confidence
  • Effective self-defense
  • Encouraging atmosphere
  • Health and longevity
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I Chin Ching - Bronze Peacock


Upcoming Festivals

*** 2018 ***

Conditioning & Stretching

Thursday, Jan 4
7:30 - 9:30 pm
Open to ALL levels!

Single Nunchaku Form
Saturday, Jan 13
12:30 - 2:30 pm
Open to ALL levels!

San He' Chi'en
Iron Shirt Training
Thursday, Jan 18
7:30 - 9:30 pm
Open to ALL levels!

4-Month Schedule PDFs
2018 Jan - Apr

Train with the Elder Masters

*** 2018 ***

Pa Kua Spear
Saturday, Feb 17
Colorado Springs, CO

Sunday, Mar 18
Denver, CO

Swoop Down Swallow Dagger
Original Shao-Lin Monkey Fist

Saturday, Apr 7
Albuquerque, NM

Elder Master Visits PDF

Master Tanisha's
& Empowerment

Tanisha Martin Empowerment Coaching

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150 Husbands,
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12 "Suang" Days of Shao-Lin Holiday Special!

12 Days of Shao-LinWhether you're brand new or have been here for years, thank you for training with us! You enrich the school, the students, and my own life!

As always with membership specials, if you renew early, your expiration date will simply be extended accordingly.

Enjoy these deals! You can pay below by debit, credit, or PayPal, or by cash or check in the school.

(Suang = "double," as in a deal expires every two days.)

(Fine Print: Festivals apply to Associate Master Tanisha-taught festivals. Offers may not be combined, however more than one offer may be purchased. Renewals are for the full Kung Fu/Tai Chi program.)

--> 1 Exp. 12/2

1 Private Lesson

(Normally $75)

--> 2 Exp. 12/4

2-Year Membership

(1 person for 2 years or 2 family members for 1 year each.)

--> 3 Exp. 12/6

3-Month Renewal
Get 1/2 OFF Festival

--> 4 Exp. 12/8

Any 4 Festival Package
$45 each

($180 1st time / $90 2nd time Brown Belt/Foundational or Advanced festivals, normally $50-$70)

--> 5 Exp. 12/10

5 Private Lesson Pack
$60 each


--> 6 Exp. 12/12

6-Month Renewal
Get 1 FREE Festival


6 Months Wooden Man / Iron Bone
(2 Parts) $100

(Next Class Jan-Mar and every 3-month block thereafter. Fee is for each Part. You do not have to take Parts consecutively.

--> 7 Exp. N/A

7 Classes = 1 Pick
From the

For every 7 full classes attended, get one pick for a chance at a variety of awesome credit amounts or prizes.

--> 8 Exp. 12/16

Any 8 Festival Package
$38 each

($304 1st time / $152 2nd time Brown Belt/Foundational or Advanced festivals, normally $50-$70)

--> 9 Exp. 12/18

Spend $90 for $100 Gift Certificate

(Use this perk for 1-month memberships or inventory!)

--> 10 Exp. 12/20

10 Private Lesson Pack
$55 each

($550. 20-Pack for $50 each = $1000.)

--> 11 Exp. 12/22

All 11 Brown Belt/Foundational Festivals
$34 each

($374 1st time / $187 2nd time. Brown Belt/Foundational Festivals only. Normally $50-$60.)

--> 12 Exp. 12/24

12 Month Renewal
2 FREE Festivals


POA $.50 - $100*

To Make a Payment Online:

  • Calculate your payment amount (for amounts not listed, choose $1, click "Buy Now" and update the quantity on the next page.)
  • Click "Buy Now"
  • Choose "Don't have a PayPal account? Continue as a guest." (or similar verbiage)
  • Enter your info and submit
  • Click to "add instructions" to seller, then tell me what your payment is for
  • You will get an emailed receipt from PayPal. I will get a notification as well.
  • Questions? Call me (Master Tanisha) (719) 377-2108 or email info [at]


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